Cancer Therapy using Cannabis and other Plants

Herbal medicines have long been used by mankind to treat different ailments and relieve certain conditions. These alternative medications follow natural approach using different parts of a plant,from leaves,fruits and flowers,down to the roots.

There have been many research that assesses the effects of herbs on cancer patients. While some of these herbal medications have helped minimize side effects of the illness,further studies are needed to determine the extent of efficacy of certain plants in treating cancer.

As implied,there is no substantial scientific evidence that plant-based medicines can cure cancer. Nevertheless,experts have identified certain plant extracts with potential anti-cancer effects. In fact,these extracts have been processed and included in chemotherapy medications. Vincristine (extracted from the periwinkle plant) and taxanes (extracted from the bark of Pacific yew tree),for example,are found to have promising anticancer properties.


The cannabis is another plant that is believed to have anti-cancer properties. The plant is also known as marijuana,a drug that contains the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabinol (CBD),another compound found in the plant,is associated with several properties that are beneficial to human health. Unlike THC,CBD is not psychoactive. This means,it does not alter the mental state of the user,nor cause drowsiness,hallucinations,or the feeling of being “high.” In addition,it contains powerful minerals that are good for the body.

Cannabidiol CBD oil is gaining popularity because it is found to ease symptoms of anxiety,depression,chronic pain,and more. Some research also claims that it may alleviate cancer symptoms. Some research supports that CBD may reduce tumor growth in animal models of cancer. There are claims that it may help induce tumor cell death and prevent the spread of colorectal cancer cells as well as breast cancer cells.

Again,further studies are necessary to point out the truth between plant extracts such as CBD oil and cancer. Before taking any medication,always consult with your doctor.


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